Okay, kids. I have a pretty wild idea.

After watching Winter Soldier and basking in the exploits of Maria Hill, Black Widow, and Agent 13, I've decided that we need more Marvel movies about ladies who are kick ass spies and assassins. How cool would it be if Marvel put together a film about S.H.I.E.L.D's top female operatives in the vein of DC's "Gotham Girls"?

Very cool, especially since ScarJo seems apprehensive about carrying a standalone Black Widow film. So here's where the "me playing casting director" bit comes in: Nicole Beharie should be cast as Bobbi "Mockingbird" Morse.

She's awesome, she's criminally underrated, I don't want her to be relegated solely to TV roles, and I'm betting that she'd have ALL TEH CHEMISTRY with both Jeremy Renner (given that Mockingbird and Hawkeye are married in the comics) and ScarJo (who, based on her chemistry with Renner in Avengers, can be a kind of professional and romantic rival of Morse's).