...And I have no idea what to expect.

I'm actually reluctant to go to this because, unlike The Hunger Games trilogy, I've not yet read the novel Divergent is based on. I've read summaries and know what the basic plot is, and I'm not sold.

Honestly, Divergent and its sequels feel a bit Ayn Rand-lite, and to a pinko, commie, socialist pig like myself, the name "Ayn Rand" ranks right up there along with Ted Nugent, the Koch Brothers, and Hitler. Despite assurances to the contrary, I've actually run into a few online reviews of Divergent that compare it Anthem. Oy. :/.

So why would I bother to see a film based on a novel whose concept (socialism SUCKS, apparently) is turning me off? I dunno. Peer pressure, I suppose. And also Theo James.