Race, Color, Class, and Gender Issues Intersect in "Belle"

Belle, directed by Amma Assante, is an ambitious and clever film. It takes a historical figure, Dido Elizabeth Belle Lindsay, of whom we know very little and only in relation to her more famous and notable relatives, and places her at the center of a romantic tale worthy of Jane Austen, the Bronte Sisters, or Merchant… » 4/30/14 3:44am 4/30/14 3:44am

An Ode to Action Flicks and Fictional Women Who Kick Ass

I'm an unabashed lover of action films. I grew up watching films like Die Hard, Point Break, Total Recall, Passenger 57, Top Gun, and The Terminator franchise, so I spent a good deal of time as a kid running around my backyard screaming, "YI PEE KAY YAY MOTHERFUCKER" and "SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND." » 4/16/14 9:56pm 4/16/14 9:56pm

"Faction Before Blood" and other random musings on Divergent

Last night, after I got back from my Divergent screener, I wrote out this somewhat long, fairly articulate, overall amusing review of the film. Unfortunately, Kinja decided to be a dick and gobbled it all up, so I didn't get to publish it. Note to self: in the land of Kinja, the back button is key. » 3/20/14 2:14pm 3/20/14 2:14pm

Armchair Film School: What Pompeii Could Have Been...

In the hands of a more competent filmmaker, Pompeii could have been a great film about one of the greatest natural disasters in history. Paul "Resident Evil" Anderson is limited in his abilities, so we have to settle for Gladiator-meets-Earthquake-meets-Titanic-with-a-bit-of-Horse Whisperer-thrown-in-because-why-not. » 2/23/14 12:59am 2/23/14 12:59am